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Pink Tool Kits For Women Are NOT A Romantic Gift!

| April 17, 2011 | 2 Comments

Pink Tool Sets

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To my male readers, if you plan on getting the woman in your life any of the pink tool kits for women that are  getting very popular nowadays for a birthday, anniversary or Mothers Day gift, you my friend will surely end up in some serious deep doo doo.

The only way that you won’t end up getting cut off for a bit is if she was dropping hints all over the place at how cute and nice these pink tool kits for women are and how convenient one would be in the house. Other than that, and this is the only relationship advice I’ll ever give here, is drop the idea like a hot potato out of the microwave and think of something a bit more romantic.


Apollo 18-Piece Garden Tool Kit Precision Tools 54-Piece Roadside Pink Tool Kit 20-Piece Pink Home Repair Tool Set
Apollo 18-Piece Pink Garden Tool Set Apollo Precision 54-Piece Pink Roadside Tool Kit The Original Pink Home Repair Tool Kit For Women

Now I bet y’all are thinking that I’m guilty of getting one of these pink kits and giving it to my wife as a present. Am I right? Ha! Well needless to say even after so many years of being married to my wonderful wife (she was looking over my shoulder for a sec) even I wouldn’t do that. See, I’ve learned my lesson! (smiles)

KR Tools 52-Piece Pink Autoloading Screwdriver Kit Original Pink Box Drill and Bit Pink Tool Kit Apollo Precision Tools Pink Womens Tool Kit
52-Piece Autoloading Pink Screwdriver Tool Kit The Original Drill and Bit Combo Pink Tool Kit Precision 69-Piece Women’s Essential Pink Tool Kit

Ok, let’s get back to these pink tool kits for women and see if they really stack up against the more common manly man tools. That by the way is one of my wife’s favorite tactics for getting me to do something. She gives me this helpless look and says, “Honey, will you go get one of your manly man tools and help me fix this?” Hint to my loyal female readers, it works just about every single time. Gee, maybe I should rethink the strategy on these pink tool kits after all! Nahh, better not.

Apollo Precision Tools Pink Craft Tool Kit 135-Piece Apollo Pink Tool Kit For Women Pink Wrench Set With Pouch
50-Piece Apollo Pink Hobby and Craft Tool Kit Apollo 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit Pink Wrench Set With Pouch

All right, my apologies for getting off topic just a bit. Time to knuckle down and put these pink tool kits for women up to some serious investigation.

First of all, what I found out about these pink kits is that they can be quite simple or very very elaborate. Let me explain. I came across a few of these tool sets that were nothing more than just a few screwdrivers in a pouch. I also discovered actual kits that had a whole variety of tools that could be used for those “around the house” jobs. The fancier kits usually included an organizing case or a tool bag to keep everything in place.

39-Piece Apollo Tool Kit For Women Apollo 4-Piece Stubby Pink Tool Set 8-Piece Apollo General Pink Tool Kit
Apollo 39-Piece Basic Household Tool Kit Apollo 4-Piece Stubby Pink Tool Set 8-Piece Precision Tools General Pink Tool Kit

What I also discovered about these tool sets for women is that generally they are made just a tad smaller and bit more lightweight than standard tough guy tools so that women have an easier time using them. And please do NOT take that to mean women are weaker than men in any way! Ok? Being made this way just makes them fit better in your hands and makes them easier to use, especially if you’re using them for any length of time.

Now for those of you that like your power tools in pink, I also came across pink tool kits for women that contained a 18v cordless drill driver in a very cute pink case that included everything that is needed in the kit right from the get go. And from reading what people actually have to say about it, so far the market (women) have found the kit incredibly useful. I know that this is something that I think holds much value for women and is well worth a look.

One thing I will say after looking at these pink tool kits for women is that more tool makers seem to be starting to weigh in with pink tools. A good thing that I can see about these pink tool sets, is that you’ll never have to worry about your tools walking off because we manly men would never want to be seen using anything pink! Right Guys?

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  1. Hi David,

    I just love these pink tool kits! I really like the Apollo line as it is in it’s own case. I find that I need to have my own set of household maintenance tools. My husband has his tools out in his shop which I have to run out to and look around for the tool I need which can prove to be a bit of a problem.

    Mother’s Day is coming up. I’m going to email him this page for hinters!

  2. David says:

    Good thinking Tammy! My wife gets a lot of use out of her kit. She keeps it in her own “space” so it’s always handy and she doesn’t have to rummage through my stuff!

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